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June 2005

In the end of June 2005 ‘Eco-TIRAS’ jointly with Polish NGO ‘The Lower Silesian Foundation for Sustainable Development’ (Wroclaw) and Moldavian NGOs ‘Habitat’ (Rezina) and ‘Pelican’ (Bender, Transdniestria) organized a study visit of 23 Moldavian farmers, NGO leaders and governmental officials to Poland. The visit helped to study the experience of Poland in development of organic agriculture, biosafety and agrotourism. The study trip was supported by RITA Program and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland. After this visit, three Working Groups on these issues were created to develop the concepts of further projects in these fields for the territory of Dniester River basin in Moldova. The group leaders are: Valeriu Rusu, Habitat (Agro-tourism), Valentin Ciubotaru, BIOS (organic agriculture) and Eco-TIRAS (Biosafety-GMO).